About Julia

Julia's love for fine craftsmanship traces it's roots back to her native St. Petersburg, Russia, where as a young child she was enthralled by the works of Carl Faberge that graced the halls of the city's Hermitage Museum. Inspited by her frequent trips to the museum, Julia's artistic enthusiasm funneled itself in the form of drawings and sculpture. But if St. Petersburg was there Julia's appreciation for art and design first took hand, it was later, while living in Antwerp, Belgium where she discovered the dazzling world of the gem and diamond industry - that would shape and bring into deeper focus her true calling as a jewelry designer.

However, the path to designer for Julia would be paved with one last stop: New York,where she studied at Gemological Institute of America. With her artistic spirit feeding on the energy, rawness, and architecture of the city, Julia’s creative vision blossomed into a sophisticated, bold line of jewelry that recalls old world glamour while squarely living in the modern one.

Julia’s  creations are artistically constructed and organically inspired. An admirer of unusual contours, color variations and remarkable shapes, Julia is moved by rare shapes and chooses to design around them, respecting their natural, raw beauty.

Today, Julia calls New York City home and her extensive collection of contemporary artists that grace her walls are a constant reminder of her rich cultural and artistic heritage, hints of which beautifully live alongside the unique, precious stones she personally selects for her fine jewelry collection.